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Captcha Sniper X3 Cracked - NEW version With Optimized Captcha Solving Rate

Stop waisting your time and hard-earned money on captcha solving services that are slow, inaccurate and costly. Captcha Sniper Crack solves captchas faster and without having to pay per captcha.

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Captcha Sniper Crack intercepts calls made to the popular captcha solving service decaptcha via HTTP post (API implementation and other services is coming soon). Captcha Sniper Crack solves the captcha and returns the answer to the calling software and also includes a command line interface. Captcha Sniper Crack currently supports the following platforms and their associated captchas:

[Image: 2568521-jvqy.png]

  • Whats new in Captcha Sniper X3

Added literally hundreds of user defined types based on filename conventions, with custom algos for each .. feel free to tweak this if you want using the new optimizer feature in CDK. Also an important note here: Im working on a cloud based update system so that its easier to get you these datasets ... as we will be adding them at a dizzying pace moving forward :)

Captcha Sniper now uses the ImagMagick COM dll instead of the exe. This eliminates quite a bit of the overhead and speeds most captha algos between 20-50%. Ultimately, there will be no I/O for a solve ~ resulting in uber fast and efficient processsing :)

More than 30 mappings for named captcha types to existing algorithms (both hard and soft).

Optimize in CDK ~ this feature cycles through your algorithm trying different combinations of scale and thresholds to find the highest success rate. This has been applied to nearly every algorithm .. resulting in an across the board successful solve rate.

Fuzzy captcha matching for named types where sizes dont match .... in laymans terms ... for example you can now add a single type in CDK of different sizes and CS will match based on the filename (platform in GSA) but the sizes dont have to match.

Auto-detection on some equation (math) captcha types.

Copy captcha types in CDK.

Import and Group by Name and Size from the unknown folder - CDK (for GSA labeled captchas)

Various GUI elements fixed in CDK.

Install the application
Copy the patch file to the install directory, run the file and wait for the popup, then start CaptchaSniper.exe
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