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Captcha Sniper X4.01 (CRACKED)

Captcha Sniper X4.01 Cracked

Slash Your Captcha Solving Costs

Captcha Sniper intercepts calls made to most popular captcha solving services including Decaptcha, Death By Captcha, AntiCaptcha and Bypass Captcha. Captcha Sniper solves the captcha and returns the text answer to the calling software and also includes a command line interface. Captcha Sniper currently supports the following platforms and their associated captchas:

Platform/Footprint Captcha Image Success Rate
Wordpress Blogs Wordpress Captcha 76%
Typepad/Movable Type Blogs TypePad Movable Type Captcha 41%
Lifetime Blogs Lifetime Blog Captcha 100%
BlogEngine Blogs BlogEngine Captcha 71%
  BlogEngine Captcha 74%
  BlogEngine Captcha 76%
B2Evolution Blogs B2Evolution Captcha 48%
ArticleMS Article Directories B2Evolution Captcha 64%
Pligg Bookmarking Pligg Captcha 73%
  Pligg Captcha 90%
PHPLD Directories PHPLD Captcha 98%
  PHPLD Captcha 25/50%
  PHPLD Captcha 48%
Mercury Board Forums Mercury Board Captcha 66%
phpBB2 Forums phpBB2 Captcha 61%
PunBB Forums PunBB Captcha 90%
  PunBB Captcha 85%
  PunBB Captcha 55%
  PunBB Captcha 99%
SMF Forums SMF Captcha 64%
  SMF Captcha 27%
Yabb Forums Yabb Captcha 97%
AkoBook Guestbook AkoBook Captcha 83%
BellaBook Guestbook BellaBook Captcha 100%
Guestbook Script GuestBook Script Captcha 50%
Perl Guestbook Perl Guestbook Captcha 100%
Phoca Guestbook Phoca Guestbook Captcha 77%
  Phoca Guestbook Captcha 75%
PhpBook Guestbook PhpBook Captcha 100%
Ricar Guestbook Ricar Guestbook Captcha 100%
Silentrum Guestbook Silentrum Guestbook Captcha 77%
Generic Guestbook #1 Guestbook Captcha 77%
Pixel Post Image Gallery Pixel Post Image Gallery Captcha 98%
Article PLR Script Article PLR Script Captcha 89%
FreeGlobes Directories FreeGlobes Captcha 94%
Wordpress Article Directories Wordpress Article Directory Captcha 74%
IndexU Directories IndexU Captcha 95%
Vivvo CMS Vivvo Captcha 99%
DRBGuestbook DRBGuestbook Captcha 94%
EA Guestbook EA Guestbook Captcha 73%
EasyPHPGuestbook EasyPHPGuestbook Captcha 100%
PHP Fox PHP Fox Captcha 100%
MyBB Forums MyBB Captcha 30%
Boonex Dolphin Boonex Dolphin Captcha 63%
Xoops Xoops Captcha 45%
Kohana Kohana Captcha 65%
Unknown Directory Unknown Directory Captcha 26%
EPrize EPrize Captcha 81%
Micolog Blog Micolog Captcha 100%
Gallery2 Image Gallery Gallery2 Captcha 57%
WikiMedia WikiMedia Captcha 86%
Expression Engine Expression Engine Captcha 52%
Generic Bookmark / RSS Directory RSS Directory Captcha 28%
Purple Yin Guestbook (easy type) Purple YIN Guestbook Captcha 98%
TikiWiki Tiki Wiki Captcha 100%
Yap Guestbook Yap Guestbook Captcha 73%
Ard Guestbook Ard Guestbook Captcha 100%
Atlex Guestbook Atlex Guestbook Captcha 54%
Shutter Image Galleries Shutter Image Galleries 83%
Zen Photo Image Galleries Zen Photo Image Galleries 78%

Captcha Sniper has been tested or reported to work succesfully with following applications (the list is growing daily):

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