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Account Creator Extreme 4.1.1 (25+ Supported Websites) + Now With Bot Creator

Multiple changes since my last release aswell as some requested features, please share your bots after you have made them guys :-) I will make a list and compile them all together. As always ENJOY!
[Image: imageaj.png]

What's New-
Added Ability To Use Email List (requested)
Added Icons To Menustrip
Added Icons To Notepad
Added New Tool (task manager)
Application Icon Changed
Sub Form Icons Changed
Added Hotkeys To Notepad
Added Icons To Main Form
Added Icons To Bot Maker
Added Share Button To Bot Maker
Icons Added To History Tab
Contextmenu Added To Notepad (right click)
Fixed Soundcloud Not Saving Email

Automatically Creates Accounts On 20+ Websites Including Yahoo, Hotmail, Gmail, And Many More (Except Captcha)
Bot Maker (create your own bots and automate webpages)
Smart Autofill (submit even on unsupported sites)
Manual Submitter (submit to custom email sites with the autofill menu "right click")
Generates Full Profile With One Click
5 Built In Disposable Email Services (One Click)
Real Names and Usernames (Editable)
Proxy Support
Advanced Profile System
Advanced Settings
Customizable Theme
Handy Rightclick Autofill Menu
Over 200,000 Built In Names

Q: What does this program do?
A: This program creates accounts on multiple websites and saves the details for you
Q: Does this program solve captcha and phone verification?
A: No this program was coded in visual basic with basic coding skills I don't have the understanding.
Q: Does this program support proxies?
A: Yes i have tested public proxies with this program and aslong as they are fast they work fine
Q: When will this program be multithreaded and solve captchas
A: I don't know probably never, this program is coded by me and me only. I have basic knowledge of visual basic coding I don't sell this application so it will remain
pretty basic deal with it :-)
Q: How can i help this application improve
A: Please provide detailed feedback of any problems or feature requests you have or if you would like I accept donations witch will allow me to spend more time coding.
Q: Do you add websites upon request?
A: Sure if i check out the website and im able to automate the form i will add it, simple.
Q: This program does not work?
A: I have not been coding this program for very long I have only tested it myself on UK version of websites if it does not work and your from another country im sorry.
Q: The bot creator does not work?
A: The bot creator does not work on all websites it is only able to identify elements by ID or Name and will not work on flash websites.
Q: Why is this free, will you ever sell it?
A: This program is free because free stuff is awesome :) I doubt I will ever sell this application as I like to share it with everyone but I can't say never.


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